Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Discount King Size Beds

If you're in the market for a great king-size bed, you probably already know that the prices are even more king-sized than the beds! However, there are some really great ways to find king-size beds for a good price. Below, we'll discuss tips for finding discount king-size beds.

Look for an Off-Brand

One way you can save money on a king size bed is to look for an off-brand. While Sealy or other top brands might cost a fortune, most of the price comes from the popular brand name. There are brands that use the same kinds of materials and are of the same quality that are less expensive because they're not as popular as those top brands. Start by searching for an off-brand rather than going with the most popular.

Last Seasons or Older Models

Another great thing you can do to save money on a king-size bed is shop for last season's models or older models. Since the newer models are out, the ones that are older will cost less. You can ask distributors or store owners about the mattresses from last season and ask whether there's a discount or not.

In addition to these tips, don't be afraid to ask the store dealer for a discount. Many store owners mark their prices up expecting customers to negotiate some. If you are planning on purchasing any other furniture or home accessory at the time you purchase your bed, ask whether group purchases entitle you to receive a discount. Most dealers will be willing to offer some type of discount in order to make the sale.

In addition, make sure you read the warranty of any mattress or bed you purchase because things as simple as small stains can void the warranty completely, leaving you disappointed and feeling taken advantage of. Using these tips can help you find a king-sized bed for a great price.

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