Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pros and Cons of a King Koil Mattress

So, you’re shopping for a new mattress. One of the first things you’ll notice is that there are numerous brands out there. From King Koil and Serta to Simmons and Sealy – it can be difficult to understand which is the best to purchase. Considering the pros and cons of each one can help. Below, you’ll find the pros and cons of King Koil mattresses.


You might notice right offhand that King Koil mattresses aren’t as widely available as the more popular brands of mattresses. The reason is that they aren’t as popular. While they’re a great quality mattress, they aren’t available in as many stores as, say, Simmons. However, they are available in a wide variety of stores so if you can’t find the brand in one store in your area, try another. Visit the website as well to find out where you can purchase the brand locally.

Another disadvantage of King Koil mattresses is the warranty. If you don’t protect the mattress with a good mattress cover, it could easily get stained and this could void the warranty. Your toddler with a sippy cup of grape juice, a bug bite that you scratch in your sleep – all of these things could prevent you from being able to use the warranty if something should happen to your mattress. However, you should know that most mattress companies have this exact same policy so although it’s a disadvantage with this company, you’re likely to run into this with every other company as well.


Since King Koil isn’t as popular as Serta or Sealy, you won’t be paying for the brand name when you buy this mattress. This means that you have the potential to save hundreds of dollars. The great thing is that King Koil quality and materials are very comparable to those of the more popular leading brands. In the same way that you’ll pay more for a designer dress or shoes, you will pay more when it comes to mattresses with popular brand names.

Another great benefit of purchasing a King Koil mattress is that most of them come with at least a ten-year warranty. As long as you protect the mattress from stains, you’ll be protected if something should happen to your mattress. So, dips, rips, manufacturer’s errors or anything else could cause your mattress to be replaced with a brand new one.

Although you might not find King Koil in every store where you’d find the more popular brand names, they are widely available. If you’re having trouble finding this brand locally, take time to visit the website and search for dealers that will have King Koil mattresses in stock.

King Koil is a quality mattress made with quality parts.  Purchasing this kind of mattress can ensure that you won’t need a new one for many years to come. By considering the pros and cons of this type of mattress, you can determine whether it’s the kind for you or not.

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