Friday, June 25, 2010

Typical King Koil Mattress

When you purchase a King Koil mattress, you’re getting a high-quality mattress, and usually you’ll get it for a much lower price than the more popular brands. This is a huge benefit to purchasing this brand, and most of these mattresses come with a limited warranty.

Warranty Information

The warranty covers the original purchaser of the mattress, and in order to utilize the benefits of the warranty, purchasers must have the original store receipt, or the place of purchase and date of purchase, the purchase amount, and the name of the original purchaser. This will ensure that you can get the benefits covered under the warranty.

Individuals can receive up to a 20 year warranty on their mattress, depending upon the model and purchase price. This means that if anything happens to the mattress other than normal wear and tear, you could have your mattress replaced. The warranty will not cover user abuse or damages that are the fault of the user. This includes ripped handles that are the result of flipping or moving the mattress using the handles.

To learn more about the warranty on the particular model you’ve purchased, speak with the dealer and ask him or her to go over the particulars with you.

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