Friday, June 25, 2010

Tips for Negotiating Best King Koil Mattress Prices

So you’re in the market for a great King Koil mattress. You probably already know that it’s a great brand that provides quality mattresses, and that there are several great models to choose from. Below, we’ll discuss how to get a great price by negotiating.

Dealer Prices

One thing you should know is that many furniture dealers price their items high because they expect negotiation. So, you’re not cheating the dealer in any way by asking for a discount. Don’t be afraid to let the dealer know that you’re interested in a particular mattress. You might say something like, “I really love this mattress, but it’s $75 above my budget for a mattress.” Often times, the dealer will go ahead and make the deal with you.

Discounts and Savings

Search online for discounts and savings. Many times, there will be codes online that will allow you to save money. Also, many dealers will give you a discount just for shopping online.  Visit local dealer’s websites to determine whether this is an option for you or not.

When you use the tips above, you can get a great King Koil mattress at a super low price.

Photo:Simon Howden

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